I have been fortunate to have used many rods and lines over the years while competing and demonstrating at International level and I can say that the DTX range of rods are amongst the best I have used so far. When I first used the DTX rods I immediately found them to be different. Not only did they have a fast, progressive action but they were balanced perfectly. Short to medium casts were a joy and I was able to achieve distances which would only have been previously possible with tournament tackle. This came as no surprise when you consider the decades of knowledge and expertise which has been skillfully filtered throughout the product range. I was delighted when Scott asked me if I would consider being involved in the development of future products and line design for 2011. I am pleased to say that is now well underway. I am very excited to be part of the forthcoming innovations at DTX.

Mackenzie DTX Rods
12", 13", 14", 15" 16"

The DTX rods and lines are suitable for all levels of caster from beginner to expert alike. The rods are available in 6 lengths from 12ft to 18ft. Each rod features its own unique taper individual to its length, crafted from the finest high quality carbon and materials available. A further unique feature of the rod is a new innovative and ergonomically shaped handle for greater comfort and control when casting.

The balanced action of the DTX range of rods allows perfect casting with both traditional Spey lines as well as modern shooting head systems.

Each rod comes in a beautifully crafted bag with it's own distinctive Mackenzie triangular rod tube.


     12ft 0in 4 piece 8 Line 7.6oz £565.00

     13ft 0in 4 piece 8 Line 8.3oz £590.00

     14ft 0in 4 piece 9 Line 9.6oz £625.00

          15ft 0in 4 piece 10 Line 10.9oz £655.00

         16ft 0in 4 piece 11 Line 11.7oz £685.00

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