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Andrew Toft is an individual, International, World Champion Fly-Caster and has attained a high level of proficiency in all aspects of Fly-Casting with both the single and double handed rod. He was fortunate to have Peter Anderson as his friend and mentor for many years and subsequently inherited his raw talent and unique teaching methods in Fulcrum Fly-Casting techniques in both single and double handed casting. He then became a certified instructor himself, obtaining the Scottish Game Angling Instructor award then becomming an advanced casting instructor for the Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors. In addition to this Andrew has also gained Masters Certification which is the highest level of angling qualification in the UK.

Andrew Toft is also an instructor at Masters level for the Federation of Fly-Fishers in the USA after passing exams at the Golden Gate Fly-Casting Club in San Francisco and in Canada. Andrew was the first person in Europe to be awarded the FFF THCI (Two Handed Casting Instructor).
Today Andrew Toft spends his time Teaching, demonstrating and tournament casting at International Fly-Fishing shows and events and is involved in product development with a leading tackle manufacturer.

Andrew Toft provides structured programmes for individuals aspiring to become instuctors for any of the above organisations.


Fly-casting tuition is an investment in yourself as you will benefit from improved technique and understanding. You will be importing knowledge which I have been fortunate to have gained from some of the most elite fly fishers and casters in the world over many years.

It is truly essential to have a foundation of knowledge and fundamental skills or you simply cannot improve beyond a certain level. Determination can quickly lead to frustration. It is often said that practise makes perfect but this can only be true when what is practised is correct. There is good practice and bad practice. Dont get better at mastering the wrong technique. Flycasting tuition can be provided at all levels from total beginner to advanced techniques, taken to a very high level of proficiency.

I am interested in all aspects of Fly-Fishing and in the teaching of Fly-Casting. I teach through an exercise system which I believe is the most efficient way for an individual to make real progress quickly. The exercises target specific areas of technique with economy of effort being the overriding principle in all aspects of my tuition. Maximum results can be achieved with minimal effort from finely tuned technique and control.



'Not only is he super efficient, his main skill is that he makes it look so easy'

Mr Peter Anderson

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